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Content Policy

Welcome to Futurebook!

This Content Policy governs your use of our platform. It has been written to comply with UK laws and policies that make us liable for anything you post or upload.

We want to build a welcoming community

Our mission is to provide a community space in which “Caring Means Not Sharing” (other than with Futurebook – see our No Privacy Policy for further details).

We want Futurebook to be safe and interesting and safe. We welcome everyone, especially those who have migrated from other platforms since their closure. Your data is our friend*.

We keep everyone safe

To make sure that the Internet is a nice place where nothing bad ever happens, the government requires us to prevent harmful** material from appearing online. We automatically block anything you post and review it to see if it is or might be harmful before letting it appear. While this may affect user experience, it is the only way we can meet our legal obligations.

On Futurebook, everyone can share fact-checked information and discuss their thoughts and ideas in a clean, uplifting, risk-free environment. Foul language, harassment and abuse will not be tolerated. If you post content that is illegal or that we deem to be harmful*** , including but not limited to anything about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, we may suspend or delete your account.

We tell the government everything

To make sure that we comply with the law, the government requires us to submit reports on what you’re getting up to on Futurebook. We check your posts for illegal activity, including copyright infringement, and reserve the right to report to the police any posts we deem necessary to ensure law and order.

Our team of moderator-bots work around the clock to make Futurebook a healthy and positive environment. If you are unhappy with any of our moderation decisions, you may appeal to our chat-judge, who will cheerfully explain this policy and outline our obligations under UK law.

Welcome to Futurebook, and have fun!


* By “friend” we of course mean money-making goldmine.

** “Harmful” means whatever we decide it means. Our definitions can change at any time.

*** Sadly, we can’t tell you what types of content are currently marked as harmful – that itself might be harmful to you.