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Futurebook takes your data. Seriously. UK legal changes allow us take full advantage of loopholes in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regime and we are committed to tracking, monitoring and surveilling you as much as we can.

What personal information about me does Futurebook collect?

We want to make your Futurebook experience the richest and most rewarding experience possible. That way, you’ll spend longer on our site and make us more money.

To help us provide you with great customer service, we collect and store all of your personal information, including your full name, home address, contacts list, smartphone device details, passport biometrics, bank balance, credit rating, dating profile and much, much more. 

We know you’ll want to jump straight in with using our site, so there’s no need to fill out complicated forms: we simply scour your phone or computer at every visit for information we think might be relevant and add it to our database! We even collect data on you as you visit other sites on the web – helping us keep your AdFeed as addictive and tempting as possible.

Once you’re part of the Futurebook family, our sophisticated ‘EverTrack3000’ system follows you everywhere. We keep tabs on where you are, who you communicate with, and what you search for, look at, click on and type online. We know your daily routine, your skincare regime, your most heartfelt dream.

And we us all this data to build our business and monetise the world. Isn’t it great!

Does Futurebook share my data with other companies?

We firmly believe that your personal data belongs to you. It also belongs to us, and sometimes others. Sharing is caring, and we care a LOT.

Your data can and will be shared with all of our Futurebook partners. These include data brokers, app developers, political parties, advertisers, digital consultants, public authorities and government departments. We want everyone to have an opportunity to be connected to the Futurebook family, so we add new partners all the time. We can’t provide you with a full list of where your data has been shared though – our partners’ privacy must be protected too!

The government might need to access your information. We’re here to help, and by handing your data over to the government, we’re helping all of our users be safe and secure.

I want to delete my Futurebook account. How do I do this?

We value the data of all of our Futurebook users. By using Futurebook you agree to always be a member of Futurebook, to never leave us or even think about leaving us. If you no longer wish to use your account, one of our content-bots will helpfully take it over and keep it up-to-date so we and all your friends and family can still know what you’re up to.