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Get into the fast lane!

We saw you’re planning on hosting a dinner party. Good for you!

Remember – 17 of your friends claim to have unique and difficult food allergies. Not just nuts and gluten, but “things that have nice faces and look cute”, “unnaturally shaped vegetables” and “anything that has been near a prawn”.

No need to stress! Dinner Bytes has meal plans to suit all shapes and sizes.

Sign up today and let us choose a menu to suit your needs, tastes and budget (we already know you and your friends’ spending habits and income), order the ingredients (our partner PlayPal has your payment info) and have them delivered (there’s no need to add any further information; we know where you live and when the party is taking place).

All you have to do is follow the instructions!

And let your friends know – it’s BYOD* (*Bring Your Own Data)