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Get into the fast lane!

Mmmmm, healthy green oxygen ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what we know:

You’ve got a family history of cancer (posts on social media)

Your energy levels have been unusually low lately (decreased walking pace and increased heartbeat detected through phone movement and touch monitoring)

You’re spending more time at home (wifi usage)

The pollution in your neighbourhood is reaching dangerous levels (satellite data), and

Your recent searches heavily feature “healthy choices”, “easy home decoration” and “living cheap but interesting”.

You need plants.

Don’t be like everyone else in your network with a palm tree and a monstera (known from photo matching). We’ll help you branch out – green fingers not required.

GeoGro uses personal profiling and big data techniques to recommend the perfect plants to complement your home environment.

GPS and satellite imagery show that you have a small south-facing balcony, currently bare but with room for approximately six average size house plants. Hardy greenery would suit your climate best.

Visit GeoGro today and find out more.