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Get into the fast lane!

Keep Jessie* safe, buy PetCaptcha today!

PetCaptcha is a state-of-the-art device which allows you to monitor your pets remotely. Use it to watch over your furry friends when they’re ill, keep in touch on trips away and make sure they’re not getting into mischief while your back is turned!

Remind your pet you’re there with two-way audio and visual feeds, 360-degree camera coverage and high definition lens, PLUS:

–  A GPS location tracker makes sure they never get lost

–  The perimeter setting stops them going out of bounds

–  Health-monitoring sensors give you early warning of any vet needs

–  And it comes with an extended five year warranty


DISCLAIMER: PetCaptcha can be remotely turned on by authorised persons at any time. Any data obtained about pet owners whilst the device is active – including but not limited to your political views, religious affiliation, daily habits, upcoming plans and visitor identities – may be shared with corporate entities or government agencies. Data is retained for as long as necessary to prevent crime or ensure public safety.


* We know that you’ve had Jessie for 16 months, 2 days and 14 hours (a post you put up on futurebook), that she was neutered at the vet two weeks ago (credit card purchase) and she’s been a bit grumpy ever since (voice recordings).

We know that you’re nervous about leaving her alone all day while you go to work because she was a rescue cat and you never know when she might run off (various communication records).

And we know that you live alone in a ground floor flat in a fairly poor, car-owning neighbourhood where the crime rate is relatively high (via council tax, traffic camera and criminal justice system data), so we infer that people don’t look out for each other and you do need to keep a closer eye on Jessie yourself to make sure she’s safe…….